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How Numan Ataker Established a Leading Fashion Brand

The story of Numan Ataker is nothing short of astounding when you read about it. It is the story of an individual who refused to give up, despite the odds. Born in a small village in the rural areas of South-Eastern Anatolia, his family had little hope of making it big. He was the sixth of ten siblings, and the family was in dire straits. However, when he was just 6 years of age, Numan’s father decided to make a move to Istanbul in order to make a better life for the family.

Numan still didn’t have it easy. As a youngling, he would study at school and then began working at a garment shop in the afternoons to help the family. His skill was recognized in several workshops, and it wasn’t long before his work became popular. After working at the shop, he would then sell chewing gum, bottled water and comic books on the famed Istiklal Street of İstanbul.  Needless to say, life was incredibly hard, and Numan was trying to make the best of it he could.

However, in 1982, his dad decided that working for others was no longer viable, and moved to open his own workshop. Realizing the potential and recognizing his own passion, but mostly for focusing on business, Numan was forced to quit school and began working full-time along with three of his brothers. When he was just 18 years of age, his brothers decided to quit the business. He became solely in charge of the enterprise and in just a couple of years after taking sole control, his business became incredibly popular and soon began to penetrate European markets.

In 1991, he began to explore more opportunities in the market, and his business began to grow by leaps and bounds, becoming an incredibly successful enterprise in a very short span of time. Numan then cut away from the eastern markets and established John Paul Ataker, a fashion brand headquartered in New York. The company currently has two flagship stores, one in New York and another in Istanbul. Numan Ataker co-founded John Paul Ataker USA with his sister Kerime Ataker as partner and has been reaping the benefits since then. His company has grown by a significant margin, and Numan is consistently looking for new opportunities that they can exploit in order to grow the company.

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