About John Paul Ataker

Numan Ataker
Numan  Ataker  is  a  native  of  Turkey  and  the  designer  behind  the John  Paul  Ataker collection. Rooted from the family Atelier of the early 70’s the House of Ataker was founded and run by their father while Numan and his 9  siblings contributed by sewing and helping out in the family business. His family worked in all  aspects  of  creation  from  tailoring,  fabric  development  and  pattern  making  for  a notable clientele looking for one of kind silhouettes.   These  formative  years  honed  his  penchant  for  design  while  developing  a  love  for textiles, precise cuts and draping of the   women’s body and  helping out nurtured a young boy’s hobby into a deep desire for design, one that would eventually be cultivated into textile design and then finally to a curated collection of some of the utmost luxurious and sumptuous pieces to hit the runway.

The name John Paul is extremely meaningful for Ataker family since the name is the combined with  a homage to the Ataker`s grandfathers as well as Numan`s son. Thus, he launched his lavish evening wear and ready to wear collections under the new epiphanies label.

Designing for an independent and sensual woman who exuberates self-confidence, Numan`s view of a woman is one of respect and appreciation for the role they’ve played in his life. He expresses this through the integrity of the fit, attention to intricate detail, quality and craftsmanship of each piece. From start to finish, his attention to utmost quality is a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly and every sample is fit and refit to a specific model until it is absolutely perfect.

Catering to a fashion forward crowd who tend toward sophistication, individuality and classic silhouettes the collections the collection has been featured in influential fashion and  celebrity publications ranging from Italian Vogue, W Magazine, InStyle Magazines and People magazines.  Today,  the  John  Paul  Ataker  collection  is  made  up  of  curated  styles  with  design integrity,  a  focused  on  fit,  intricate  details  and  hand-sewn  craftsmanship  that  have made Numan Ataker a notable designer in the fashion industry. The collection which displays Numan’s take on elegance, fit, drama and sophistication, is getting noticed by top Stylists and a list of celebrities from Carrie Underwood and Taraji Hensen to Fashionista Kelly Osbourne.