John Paul Ataker takes pride creating our impeccable highquality garments. Every garment is overseen by a single tailor, and sent through three rounds of quality control before our collection is ready for the customer. We strive to deliver a luxury experience that includes structured gowns, intricate detailing and modern shapes for our customers.

The John Paul Ataker collection exudes confidence, elegance, and a feminine identity that is our signature.


John Paul Ataker offers a made to measure service to allow the customer to personalize finishes through a selection of our proprietary fabrications, hand details and fit.


For customers’ who dare to be different, our atelier offers haute couture experience creating one of kind garments. We start with a detailed sketch that is sent to pattern making, creating a simple moulage and combining the customer’s personal concept with our signature John Paul Ataker design process. The results of the collaboration give our client a feeling of old world luxury and exclusivity.


"The name John Paul Ataker was chosen for the lavish evening wear and ready-to-wear brand to pay homage the Ataker's grandfathers' and is also the name of Numan's son.


Numan Ataker is a native of Turkey and the designer behind the John Paul Ataker collection. The luxurious evening collection draws upon his childhood background and experience growing up in a family run fashion business. His family worked in all aspects of creation from tailoring, fabric development and patterns. Creating one of a kind shapes for notable clientele looking for one of a kind silhouettes. These formative years honed his penchant for design while developing a love for textiles, precise cuts and draping of the women’s body.

“I am classically trained as a tailor first and approach design with our unique fabrics that are created for each new collection”

The collection caters to a fashion forward customer that enjoys modern sophistication, individuality and classic silhouettes. The collection has been featured in influential fashion and celebrity publications ranging from Italian Vogue, W Magazine, InStyle Magazine and People Magazine.

Today, the John Paul Ataker collection is made up of curated styles with design integrity, a focus on fit, intricate details and hand-sewn craftsmanship that have made Numan Ataker a notable designer in the fashion Industry. With such sophistication and individuality, garments have been worn by respected celebrities such as fashionista Kelly Osbourne, Chrissy Teigen, and Olivia Culpo just to name a few.


Kerime Ataker, a native of Turkey and the Co-Founder of John Paul Ataker is one of nine other siblings that have brought success to their family owned business for more than three decades. Although Kerime's brother, Numan Ataker is the designer behind the collections, Kerime is the driving force behind growing the business here in the United States and internationally.

Before two siblings came together and the brand came to life, Kerime, along with her siblings contributed by sewing and helping at the family Atelier. When Kerime was of age, she left Istanbul and moved to paradise pursuing education in Hawaii.

“With every new season, a renewed sense of excitement surrounds the brand signature and its international business growth.”

In the span of 15 years on the island, Kerime earned her undergrad in Computer Information systems, Executive MBA in Business at Hawaii Pacific University and went on to work for two technology companies. With extensive knowledge in Business, Marketing, and Sales, Kerime relocated to New York City to start the John Paul Ataker brand with her brother Numan.

In 2012, two siblings came together to build an extension of their family’s textile Atelier and created the now John Paul Ataker brand which exudes independence and self-confidence through their lavish evening wear and ready to wear collections. In keeping with the family business structure, Kerime Ataker has taken the helm of growing the business worldwide. She uses her intuitive business acumen and MBA to create a synergy bridging corporate development and old world atelier attention at their head office in New York City.