Wide Leg Camouflage Jacquard Jumpsuit - Sample
JPA 905-2114&2164 JUMPSUIT Wide leg camouflage jacquard jumpsuit with organdy waist band  Sku:JPA 905-2114&2164 JUMPSUIT
Ruffled Neckline Jacquard Dress - Sample
JPA 1276-2114 LONG DRESS Ruffled neckline jacquard dress with button up detail on back SKU:JPA 1276-2114 LONG DRESS
Ethnic Jacquard Gown Metallic Piping - C/3 SILVER
JPA 1259-2163 LONG DRESS Ethnic jacquard gown metallic piping  SKU:JPA 1259-2163 LONG DRESS
Stretch Satin and Organza Gown - C/5 Black
JPA 1275-2104&2164 LONG DRESS Stretch satin and organdy gown with organdy ruffled cap sleeves SKU:JPA 1275-2104&2164 LONG DRESS
Stretch Viscose Mermaid Dress with Metallic Piping - Sample
JPA 1245-2104&2164 LONG DRESS Stretch viscose mermaid dress with metallic piping SKU:JPA 1245-2104&2164 LONG DRESS
A-line Ethnic Jacquard Dress with Pleat Detail - Sample
JPA 1284-2163 LONG DRESS A-line ethnic jacquard dress with pleat detail SKU:JPA 1284-2163 LONG DRESS
Shiny Velvet Gown with Laser-cut Detail
JPA 1232-2158 LONG DRESS Shiny velvet gown with laser-cut detail Dku:JPA 1232-2158 LONG DRESS
Velvet and Double-faced Viscose Gown - Sample
JPA 1155-9000&2006 LONG DRESS Velvet and double-faced viscose gown with lace-up detail SKU:JPA 1155-9000&2006 LONG DRESS
Velvet and Double-faced Viscose Gown - Sample
JPA 1161-9000&2006 LONG DRESS Velvet and double-faced viscose gown with organdy illusion and lace up detail SKU:JPA 1161-9000&2006 LONG DRESS
Stretch Velvet Gown with Laser-cut Detail - Sample
JPA 1216-9000 LONG DRESS Stretch velvet gown with laser-cut detail SKU:JPA 1216-9000 LONG DRESS
Stretch Velvet Jacket and Pants - Sample
JPA 1301-9000 JACKET Stretch velvet jacket with accordion pleat detail JPA 1294-9000 PANT Stretch velvet pant with pleated detail   SKU:JPA 1301-9000 JACKET
Stretch Satin Viscose Gown with Lace-up Detail - Sample
JPA 1164-2104 LONG DRESS Stretch satin viscose gown with lace-up detail SKU:JPA 1164-2104 LONG DRESS
Stretch Satin Viscose Jumpsuit with Lace-up Detail - Sample
JPA 1240-2104 JUMPSUIT Stretch satin viscose jumpsuit with lace-up detail SKU:JPA 1240-2104 JUMPSUIT
Velvet Jumpsuit with Metallic Laser Cut Detail
JPA 1196-2158 JUMPSUIT Velvet jumpsuit with metallic laser cut detail  sKU:JPA 1196-2158 JUMPSUIT
Stretch Velvet Dress - Sample
JPA 1193-9000&2019 LONG DRESS Stretch velvet dress with velvet piping detail on leatherette belt SKU:JPA 1193-9000&2019 LONG DRESS
Metallic Laser Cut Shiny Velvet Long Jacket - Sample
JPA 1228-2158&2203 LONG JACKET Metallic laser cut shiny velvet long jacket SKU:JPA 1228-2158&2203 LONG JACKET
Flower Jacquard Long Jacket, Bodysuit and Pants - Sample
JPA 1299-2165&9001 LONG JACKET Flower jacquard long jacket with faux fur collar JPA 1235-2104 BODYSUIT Button up, stretch satin viscose bodysuit  JPA 1241-2104 BUTTON PANTS Stretch satin viscose pant with button up detail  
Faux Fur Detailed Top and Skirt - Sample
SKU:JPA 1285-2006&9001 TOP AND JPA 1286-2006&9001 SKIRT
Hand Weaved Top and Organza Skirt - Sample
SKU:JPA 403-2019 TOP AND JPA 1347-2164 SKIRT

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