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Kelly's Comeback! (Interview to OK Magazine)

With an eye for fresh talent and a keen sense of style, it's no surprise that former Fashion Police
cohost. Kelly Osbourne will be a judge on Lifetime's Project Runway Junior, the teen spin-off of the hit
show, starting Nov. 12. We caught up with Kelly to chat fashion.

What's your fall must-have item?

The Saint Laurent lipstick-print stilettos. They are so good... I'll wear them with anything and
everything, even my pajamas.

Is there a designer you're currently loving?
Literally everything from Istanbul-based designer John Paul Ataker's spring 2016 collection will be in
my closet.

What has been your best fashion moment so far?
I had two this year at the Life Ball in Vienna, wearing John's designs. One was a white dress and the
other a dress coat and pants that fit perfectly.

What's your favorite thing hanging in your closet?
A dress that Lee (late designer Alexander McQueen, who first name was Lee) gave me from his last
collection to wear to Kate Moss wedding. It's so beautiful. I'm having it franed.

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