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New York, NY (January 20, 2017) – The John Paul Ataker Fall/Winter 2017 collection is an homage to the beauty and strength of the women of Yazidi. The skillfully crafted collection by Turkish designer Numan Ataker showcases his interpretation of the style of the Yazidi woman if she lived in a modern progressive culture, much unlike her own.

Ataker creates all of his collections from the fabric up, with the premier focus on textile creation that remains exclusive to his line. The designer’s signature shapes and tailored silhouettes are constructed to enhance the female form. The Fall/Winter 2017 collection presents substantial materials including leather, velvet and faux fur complimented by rich layers of organza, jacquards, brocades, feathers and embossing. This season’s color palate predominantly consists of black, gray, navy and Bordeaux with accents of shimmering gold for an opulent addition. Cocktail, black tie and special occasion options as well as elegant, more casual separates featuring jackets and trousers make up the collection that garners attention for Ataker’s expert tailor’s touch. The brand’s core attributes of deliberate detailing and sculpted forms allows the John Paul Ataker woman to feel her most feminine and empowered self.

The designer’s passion lies in the merging together of different colors, quality of threads, and techniques to reach the desired effect for the pattern he seeks; a creative process that Ataker takes pride in achieving through much time, patience and years of expertise learned from growing up as a textile designer and learning the craft hands-on.

“I want to celebrate the women of the Yazidi through this collection as well as other similar societies,” said Ataker of this season’s line.

He continues, “The laser-cut accents, embossing and wide belts are a nod to the intricate details found in their places of worship and daily life. I hope to capture an aspirational view of how they would see fashion if they were permitted to make their own choices in a more modern society. I am honored to be able to immerse myself in the culture and use historical references to tell of my family’s heritage and the powerful civilization that has influenced architecture, art and fashion. I hold nothing but respect and admiration for all woman and gain much inspiration from my wife and mother.”

The hair and makeup completes the aesthetic of the powerful collection to effectively showcase unique accessories such as a small nose stud and the effortlessly refined hairstyle of the Yazidi women, a sleek center part pulled low, away from the face with a single wave of hair to frame her cheekbone and resilient features. Her eyes create an intensity and passion through a bold, dark line, with the rest of the face kept to a minimum, symbolic of the natural beauty of this season’s muse.

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