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5 Basic Style Tips From Numan Ataker

From time to time, we receive messages from readers that are new to the fashion world and ask us for advice on how to leave. As it is a change that can feel a bit intimidating, we decided to make a small guide to help you.

Keep going down to know our five steps to develop a unique and personal fashion style. It should be noted that the following style tips come all the way from one of the co-founders of an elite fashion brand, John Paul Ataker: Numan Nimet Ataker. Numen established his career as a fashion designer establishing a flagship store in Istanbul and New York. His benchmark and style aesthetics have helped the brand achieve a reputation in the market and a standing alongside the most elite groups of fashion. With that being said, Numan Ataker urges the public to be wary of the following style tips:

  1. Make a word cloud

A good way to start defining your style is by trying to describe it. Start by making a list of all the features you can think of (classic, preppy, hipster, risky, masculine, bohemian, minimalist, glamorous, etc.) and then cross out all those that do not describe the style you want. When you get an edited list of your style and how you want it to be, make a word cloud and write the most relevant features in large letters, and the ones you want to experience but don't feel so attracted, or it is more difficult, in small letters. This cloud will serve as an excellent reference point to guide your style choices as you begin your experimentation with fashion.

  1. Use other people's fashion sense as a guide

Take note of the ones you like and get your attention, and break down the elements of the look into a formula. For example, blazer + T-shirt with V-neck + skinny jeans. And then recreate the look with your own clothes.

  1. Browse your favorite clothes

Examine your closet and take out the pieces you use most. Even if you are not happy with your clothes, you will most likely have clothes that you prefer over others. Ask yourself why you like these pieces; is it the cut, the color, the style, or the fabric? Once you decide on what you like about them, you can use them as a reference point for future purchases.

  1. Take compliments into consideration

Pay attention to the pieces that make you earn compliments from people. This will not only give your self-esteem a boost, but it can also help you understand which styles fit you best. Sometimes it is difficult to be objective when you look at your own clothes, so noticing which garments attract the attention of the rest is a good way to incorporate external opinions.

  1. Let your experimentation phase begin

If you want to change something of your style, you have to leave your comfort zone. You should experiment with different trends until you run into something that feels good. Keep in mind that all those who have a good style have also gone through this phase of experimentation.

What advice would you give someone who is just learning about fashion? Tell us in the comments below!


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