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Numan Ataker – Rise to the Top of the Fashion World

The world of fashion design is full of creativity. In order for a person to be a fashion designer, it is imperative that they create a blend between form and function. If you look at the highest selling fashion brands in the world right now, you will realize that while there are a few which come up with otherworldly designs, the most popular ones are those who are able to create a balance between style and creativity.

One of the fastest-growing fashion brands in the world right now is John Paul Ataker. It’s a well-known Turkish brand that was founded by Numan Ataker. Ataker has been the primary driving force behind the brand and has established it as one of the most popular companies to work for. His rise to the top has been nothing short of eventful, and here are a few things that you should know about his success.

Ataker was born to Sevket and Guli Ataker, in South-Eastern Anatolia. He is the sixth of ten siblings and was only 6 years old when the family moved to Istanbul. The family had decided to migrate for evading ethnic tensions and in the hope for a better livelihood.

Ataker was only 7 years of age when he landed his first employment, working at a ready to wear garment shop. He would attend primary school in the morning and then start working at the garment store. It wasn’t long before his skill was acknowledged by the major tailors and the other shop workers. Throughout his childhood, he worked long and hard, focusing on helping his family.

After working at the store, he would then sell chewing gum, bottled water and comic books on Istiklal Street, Istanbul. In 1982, the family managed to make enough money, for his father to open his own garment workshop. Young Numan was made to quit secondary school, instead, he was told to devote all his efforts full time to the business.

By 2010, the business had grown considerably. Making the decision to leverage the potentials of Turkey’s textile industry on an international scale, he created John Paul Ataker in 2012, quickly transforming it into a successful global creative brand. The company has been featured in some of the most popular fashion magazines in the world and has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the leading fashion brands in the world. It’s also been endorsed by several popular celebrities and has become a major sensation.

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