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Carrie Underwood John Paul Ataker Design

Dreams do come true

Nothing comes easy in life, but a strong will creates a path to success and what we aspire to be.
Always follow your dreams no matter how big or small, never forget to stay true to yourself along the way, and never stop believing in yourself.
You are unique & special in your own way.

Many people have shown us it is possible to make dreams come true, one great example is Carrie Underwood.

Carrie Underwood is known by most for achieving her first taste of stardom by winning Season 4 of American Idol.

Time to celebrate the amazing work of someone who was honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Carrie is a talented singer, dedicated to her work, and of course a great wife and an absolutely amazing mother of two.

She wore a red John Paul Ataker trench-coat of Fall/Winter 2018 Collection for her very own special day .
The midi long, double-breasted trench-coat is different from others particularly because of its 5cm high stand-up collar and front gun flags which cover the décolleté.
It cannot be overlooked that the trench coat shows a very feminine A-Line which is placed with 14 buttons and thus creates a unique look.
It’s little things such as the invisible pockets on the side, the straps on the sleeves, the shiny lining, the back box pleat and the buttons in the same fabric that make this coat what it is.
Let’s not forget the belt that accentuates the waist beautifully.


A brief insight into the fabric it is made of and its unique features:
Numan Ataker designed a taffeta which has a subtle shiny and gives it a sense of stiffness.
The viscose / taffeta is 100% of natural wood pulp and therefore it is very shiny and smooth to skin.

At John Paul Ataker you can get your customized, ready to wear trench-coat in no time.
The Taffeta fabric comes in 12 colors that you can choose from, they are all very rich in color and I am sure you will find at least one you are absolutely in love with.

Whether it is for a business, formal, or a casual dress code, this trench-coat will fit right in.
Even for a casual dinner with friends, you won't be wrong throwing on your trench!

Every woman should have at least one trench-coat in their closet, so if you don't yet, this will be your perfect first!
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