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Camila Cabello John Paul Ataker Design

Camila Cabello is a successful young Cuban singer in the United States, known worldwide for her amazing vocals and her heartwarming smile. She has been inspirational for teens around the world, she leads them with her great sense of humor and convinces them with stories of success.

She attended The Tonight TV show in a John Paul Ataker, by designer Numan Ataker.

All in white, which represented Camila’s inspiring and kind personality well.
The  short-skirt   combined with a white top made Camilla appear pure and angelic, her smile and voice amplified that even more.
The top is made of 100% viscose and is sewn using bonding techniques.
Details like the trim, slit and the use of a two-faced viscose fabric give this style a unique look, it is perfectly fitted and enhances Camila's curves beautifully.

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