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Hailey Bieber John Paul Ataker Design

Hailey Bieber is an American model and an actress. She made her first runway debut in 2014. Hailey is known for her catwalks and her unique fashion taste that makes everyone fall in love with her and her style. Being one of the most popular models in the world we are proud she chose to wear a John Paul Ataker dress when she attended a TV show recently.

This dress would make any woman feel cute and sexy at the same time, but she looks just beyond in her black mini.
This handmade dress was made with a jacquard sewing machine.
Interesting to know is also that this dress has no lining, it is made of the same fabric inside and out. The special threads used here are black metal lurex and polyester threads.

It is inspired by a jacket and it was designed to make whoever slips it on feel comfortable, and confident almost like when wearing a suit. We know Hailey Bieber is nothing but confident, that's why she might have chosen this one and of course rocked it!

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