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Gwen Stefani John Paul Ataker Design

John Paul Ataker‘ Fall/Winter Collection 2017 reflects and was inspired by the rich cultural heritage and folklore of Turkey’s Black Sea region. Numan Ataker’s signature shapes and tailored silhouettes enhance the female body.

He wanted to glorify the Beauty & Strength of Yezidi women.

"I hope to capture an aspirational view of how they would see fashion if they were permitted their own choice in a modern society". (Numan Ataker)

Yezidi women have small tattoos on their chins and foreheads as a spiritual symbol.

Gwen Stefani looked stunning in "The Voice" wearing her black-gold, strapless dress which perfectly shaped her silhouette. It's a piece of art which Gwen Stefani carried with pride and elegance! Her blond locks worked like the icing on the cake to make the look complete.

The craftsmanship on the leather body is very delicate which makes this a very unique piece.

To create this vibrant look, the leather has to be covered with a thin golden foil, which is then lasered into thin metallic strings. Every string is hand-woven with a sewing technique that creates the tightest weave, it is an effort that takes several days per dress  - which makes each dress a one of a kind piece of art.

The upper part of the dress is made from black viscose fabric for both, body and lining.

Since the dress comes with some weight, the design only works with a zipper that is crafted to create stability and hold the dress firmly. Numan Ataker’s zippers and lining come with a JPA signature print as Numan values little details, and believes that beauty should be found everywhere especially if you take the time to look close enough.

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