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Iggy Azalea John Paul Ataker Design

Spring/Summer 2018 Collection by John Paul Ataker - The One that changed women's hearts

This collection is also a part of the Black Sea history of the sailing men and to be continued...

Every collection reflects the designer's belief in ”slow fashion“, Numan Ataker explains,“I have always been on the side of slow fashion, and we should all work in a way to create the best for both nature and human health."

He wants to get all parts of the world on board to opt for slow fashion because “it is about creating for a purpose and realizing that often less is more for us and our planet.“

Iggy Azalea has done it all!

She is an amazing artist, songwriter, former model and on top of that a wonderful mother.

Iggy attended the annual Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Bruch at One World Observatory in New York City, where she wore a stunning summer mantle dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline which brings up her Décolleté to the fore.
And we think she is rocking it!
The cuffs from the sleeves are folded and add an elegant effect.
Details like the front buttons and flap pockets are part of the look.
The waist is emphasized by a seam to create a thinner appearance, the waisted belt supports that as well.
Since it is only sewn with buttons on the waist area, the mantle dress area is very flowy and creates movement.
To complete the look, Iggy threw on the matching coat which looked amazing on her.

The designer‘s passion lies in merging together different materials and techniques to reach the desired effect for the pattern he seeks.

To be in line with his principles, he chooses his materials and dyes to be as environmentally and economically friendly as possible.



Numan Ataker designed and developed a unique fabric that is made using a dobby weaving machine.
The specialty of the fabric is that it has been woven with the functional type of twill weave.
It is a very delicate fabric that will fray if it’s not sewn carefully.
The edges of the mantle dress are cleaned with the overlook machine and then sewn over with a very thin fine fabric so that the seams have a clean finish.
In order to produce it an environmentally friendly and healthy way, the yarn was mainly woven with fine cotton yarn.
To achieve an extraordinary effect a “bamboo look“ the yarn was twisted accordingly.
Since it made of 100% cotton, it tendency to wrinkle a bit , but it can be smoothed again easily.
Because it is a very light and thin summer fabric, most of the clothing do not need an inner lining and it is recommended to wear it in the summer time.

The bamboo fabric comes with eight different summer colors.

John Paul Ataker and his Team are pleased to customize you that unique lightweight dress.

Embracing the type of beauty that only comes with time!

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