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Miley Cyrus John Paul Ataker Design

We can all agree when l say Miley Cyrus picked the right dress for “The Voice”. She glows in her John Paul Mini with an elegance that only Miley can pull off. The length of the dress absolutely reflects what Miley is known for - it creates a sexy look with some edginess.

Miley Cyrus is a powerful & strong woman and we all know she is not afraid to express all of it through the way she dresses & presents that look.

She dresses how she feels - so don’t  ask yourself "What should I wear?", rather think about "How do l feel?"

Express yourself with your outfit, be true to yourself and choose to be comfortable and sexy at the same time! It’s your dress that reflects who you are and how you feel every day!

Miley Cyrus wore an off-the-shoulder pleated faille dress with full length sleeves that is covered in layers of ruffles. The metallic yarn in gold gives it a certain something -  very unique! The type of yarn used for this dress is especially unique since it is designed & manufactured by the man behind the John Paul Ataker brand himself - Numan Ataker!

The body of the dress is Satin which comes in many beautiful colors & of course matching metallic yarn, details include cuff sleeves, embroidered with buttons covered in the same fabric, and a full length sleeve made of crystal organza. The invisible zipper on the side is monogrammed with the JPA label, designed by Numan Ataker.

John Paul Ataker dresses should be worn by just anybody that wants to express their confidence, that's why they come customized in all sizes from petite to full.

To every woman out there -  Let's embrace your femininity, in a John Paul Ataker!

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