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Kelsea Ballerini John Paul Ataker Design

A Holy Night with Kelsea Ballerini

Wouldn't you agree with me in saying Christmas is the best time of the year?
Also, aren’t we all waiting just so impatiently for that special day to finally get here for us to celebrate?
It's a festival night that brings together family & friends to celebrate and enjoy the holy birth of Jesus Christ.
It is about faith, love, hope, magic, happiness and the beginning of a great life.

-A time to be selfless
-A time to think about and give back to the person next to you
-A time where we all bring happiness to one another

We should try to make every day as special and full of love - just like it is Christmas every day!

Christmas show's would be the same without a performance by Country star Kelsea Ballerini moving us with her great voice and sounds.
She took the stage during Monday night’s CMA Country Christmas show to deliver a perfectly sentimental cover of “white Christmas".
Kelsea Ballerini is an American country pop singer and songwriter.
A very young and talented person, who began songwriting as a child and enjoys it very much untill now.
She prefers to work alone - Which works out for her as we love her solo performances!

Kelsea wore John Paul Ataker's Spring/Summer Collection of 2018 when she attended the 2017 CMA Country Christmas Special in Nashville.
She let her white custom made 3D flower dress be the star of the evening.
Kelsea completed her look by wearing her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail during her amazing performance, and she had her smile on full display throughout the evening - It definitely had us feeling the holiday spirit!

An enchanting A-Line cut that underlines her perfect silhouette, especially the waist seam. A fitted long midi dress which while fitted doesn't feel constraining but is very comfortable to wear.
The dress somehow reminds me of the shape of a bell, just right for Christmas.
It is a stunning white dress with hand sewn 3D flowers in a metallic finish.
It has so many unique details that it is very hard to focus on just one thing.
The invisible zipper is sewn to the back center and therefore barely visible and adds great support to the dress.
Like all his zippers, this one carries the brand's initials JPA on the hook.
Let’s not forget the full lining which is seen in almost all John Paul Ataker dresses.
The flowers were made in a very special shamrock shape using a laser cut machine. For the 3D effect, the flowers were individually folded and sewn together very closely in a triangle shape around the body of the gown.
The icing on the cake is it’s metallic fabric in white, silver, and gold.
It is double layered fabric and has an extraordinary radiance.

The team of John Paul Ataker and the designer Numan Ataker have spent endless hours completing Kelsea’s unique dress like a piece of art.

The composition of the taffeta fabric that is used here is 70% polyester and 30% cotton.
It has a magical looking, elegant sheen and is great in combination with the metallic double-faced fabric.
The designer selected the fabrics carefully and created it in many beautiful colors - You will have a lot of options to choose from.

Not only Kelsea Ballerini was enthusiastic about the 3D metallic flower dress, Kira Kazantsev and Emerande Toubia both wore one as well! Both ladies are successful and amazing people, and we love seeing them wear John Paul Ataker to shine at their events.

You can save yourself endless hours - so stop looking and just go for one of those gorgeous flower dresses - the perfect fit for your very own perfect prom or homecoming night!

Be the light in the dark like the stars and shine as bright as you can...

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