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Victoria Justice John Paul Ataker Design

An unforgettable Runway Show with Victoria Justice

New York Fashion Week is a tradition and cannot be missed especially by New York's High Society.

New York's Fashion Show is known as The Fashion Show for all designers that have made a name for themselves and everybody that is yet trying to get there - Everyone is coming together to appreciate the beauty of new creations, new collections, new artists, and exclusive pieces made by talented designers.
They bring us into their world and introduce us to their fashion, their way to recreate and represent history, and to tell a story...

We watch and we are amazed by all those incredible pieces that have been made with high quality fabrics and are sewn with great expert and finesse.
Numan Ataker is the designer behind John Paul Ataker, and he presented his Spring/Summer Collection 2018, at NYFW, hosted at Pier 59 Studios.

Numan Ataker is more than just a designer.
He creates all his fabrics which are used exclusively for his brand. All his pieces are made with his own fabrics and can be ordered customized in one of his other many fabrics by request.
The designer is also known for having created many silhouettes that are constructed to enhance the female form and be the most flattering.
He has a great talent to see what silhouette will work magic on different body types from petite to plus.

John Paul Ataker has been featured in numerous
Fashion and Lifestyle publications including Italian Vogue, Instyle, Yahoo!, People Magazine and many more...

John Paul Ataker’s sophisticated style and high-quality tailoring rapidly catapulted the company to an industry-leading position after it was founded 1977 in Istanbul.

The entire Spring-Summer 2018 Collection was based on the rich cultural heritage and folklore of The Black Sea zone of Turkey.
Authentic and vernacular assets of the region are incorporated into Ataker’s signature gowns, and designed to separate daily from formal wear.
The color palette has a large emphasis on unbleached fabrics and is predominantly black, white and ivory with a noble gold, which appeared in details such as embroidery or cords.

His collection carries the cultural art of fisherman, fishing and sailing ropes, and authentic wrung bracelets of the silversmiths of Trebizond, the vernacular knitting and weaving artisanship and ethnic Kazaz Silver knot art.
The minimalist makeup on the models was purposefully chosen to deliver Ataker’s message about believing in natural beauty.
“Shalwar” baggy pants, “cepken” bolero jacket, “peştemal” loincloth, and waistcoat have been modified in a range of fabrics spanning from cotton to linen, layers of organza to jacquard and viscose finalized by hand sewn needlework, as well as a very sophisticated laser cut system.
Other elements that repetitively appear in his collections are flounces and ruffles in different sizes and flows.
Seen to decorate cutouts, on sleeves, or to divide the skirt into arranged levels, even the shoes were designed with metallic cords and ropes,
an exclusive shoe line by John Paul Ataker.

We all know Victoria Justice for her kindness and her down to earth personality who loves to help and support others.
Especially the night of the show, Victoria supported designer Numan Ataker since she had a great passion for his collection.

Quite simply that is what Victoria thought when she decided to wear one of John Paul Ataker’s Spring-Summer Collection 2018.
A gorgeous white-gold off-the-shoulder Midi dress which made her the light of the evening.
It is a fitted silhouette, mid length dress with so many nice details. It is also very soft on the skin and very stretchy which adds extra comfort.
The neckline hem, length hem and the stylish flare sleeves have been sewn with the overlock machine using a special metallic gold yarn which is the icing on the cake here.
Because the jacquard fabric is stretchy, the hems create a ripple effect.

Another nice detail about this dress is that it’s unlined and therefore super comfortable and incredibly easy to wear, a great lightweight outfit for any occasion. The composition for that white-gold Midi dress is 90% polyester and 10% EA.

Numan Ataker, the designer that stands behind John Paul Ataker, has made this a successful event that we won’t forget soon.

What can I say - an affordable, chic, and classy outfit, it is ready-to-wear even for everyday.

John Paul Ataker’s Team is happy to customize your everyday look in no time - one more amazing thing is, you can tweak your style and change the length exactly to your liking!

Be your everyday Runway Show ...

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