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Lauren Jauregui John Paul Ataker Design

Women & Music

Music is not only something you listen to for the sound, it's so much more, it brings back memories and teleports you to places and dreams.
It’s passion, love, feeling, culture, faith, history...
Music is of who we are and where we want to go,
basically music is everything!

The Billboard Women Music is an annual event held by Billboard.
It’s main award is for "Woman of the Year", established to recognize women who have made a significant contribution to the music industry.

The spirited Lauren Jauregui is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter.
A former member of the girl group Fifth Harmony.
She has a powerful personality and an amazing voice.
Most of all a great potential for success.

Lauren Jauregui walked the pink carpet in a tailored two-piece, a white cropped jacket and matching slacks by John Paul Ataker Spring/Summer Collection 2020, at the Billboard Women In Music Event in Los Angeles.

An extraordinary two-piece suit, especially the faille crop jacket with organza overskirt.
The deep V- neckline has a unique collar that underlines her décolleté perfectly.
Little detail sideways buttons, and let’s not forget the amazing and classy flare sleeves, they will be in trend for the long term.
The eye-catching organza overskirt is pure and elegant.
It is sewn together using the overlock machine for a clean and elegant finish.
Like most of John Paul Ataker's pieces this is lined with matching color.
Lauren wore her beautiful long hair in a sleek ponytail - looked perfect with her outfit.
The pants have a zipper and a button in the front center and side pockets, very noticeable and discreet.

The designer Numan Ataker selected the fabrics very carefully to create a perfect match.
A composition of 98% polyester and 2% EA.
The fabric is stretchy due to the 2% elasticity which makes the outfit comfortable and easy to wear.
Polyester is a chemical fiber and microfiber and consists of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short.
Basic building materials are hard coal, lime, oil and natural gas.
The advantages of polyester are mainly characterized by its tear resistance and the long lasting hard fibers. It is the perfect material for the perfect piece.

If you want to draw in people’s attention and be the center of the evening, I advise you to go for the low-cut jacket suit and this incredible organza overskirt.
There is one thing we don’t want to look like and that is over- or underdressed!
So make the right decision...
A great affordable suit which is super lightweight and comfortable.

John Paul Ataker’s Team is always there for you!

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