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Maye Musk John Paul Ataker Design

Beauty has no age

We have to start thinking and living like Maye Musk since time is too precious to spend on being concerned about aging.
Every age has its own beauty and we should treasure it and live every day to the fullest.

The beautiful Maye Musk is an Canadian-South African model, international author, dietitian and public speaker.
She is a proud mother of three which are very successful themselves.
She lives by the motto “It’s great to be 72”.


Maye attended the Premier of Passionfix in 2019 and wore a stunning black gown of John Paul Ataker’ s Spring/Summer Collection 2020.

One of the many reasons she chose that particular gown is because it has such a royal look to it and it makes her shine like nobody else.
It has a classy V-Neckline for the perfect décolleté.
The cold-shoulder sleeves and the front slit give this black gown the perfect cut in an enchanting, mysterious way.
Its fitted silhouette has ruffles along the waist line, and the noble Swarovski stones that were laid in a zigzag shape are the icing on the cake here.
Like most John Paul Ataker dresses, it has a discreet, invisible zipper in the center back.
The lining supports the dress and creates a nice, elegant drape.

Before I tell you how great the 100% natural viscose fabric is, I have to say, it’s best to try it out yourself cause words can not do its justice.
It’s the most suiting feeling a woman can carry on her skin, so soft and comfortable.

Be it the mother of the bride or the groom’s mother, no longer need to look because John Paul Ataker has the right gown for every woman.
From plus size to petite, everybody can enjoy our styles, since John Paul Ataker custom makes any style in any size you can ask for.

Plan your life as if you had 100 years ahead of you, and enjoy it as if every day was your last...


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