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The Key Tenets to Gain Success in Life

Success in life is certainly not guaranteed. Numan Ataker is a Turkish designer and the founder of the global fashion brand, John Paul Ataker. While he is an affluent individual now, he certainly wasn’t guaranteed success. He was born in a small Assyrian village in South East Anatolia, and used to earn money on the streets by selling chewing gum, water and comic books. His family immigrated to Istanbul to a life of hardships.  He eventually took charge of the family garment workshop. In 1991, Ataker started exploring new opportunities in the garment accessories market. He quickly grew and expanded his business, becoming a major supplier. 

In 1999, Ataker partnered with his cousin to venture into the textile production (fabrics/clothes) and textile design fields. Later, he started exploring the Far East textile production, technology and marketing platforms. He started to develop trade relations and importing from these markets, bridging domestic and European markets with the Far East. Today, he owns John Paul Ataker, a New York based fashion brand. Here are key tenets that will help you gain success in life. 


Have a vision

"The first rule of success is to have a vision" a fairly true phrase and very little applied ... is that in order to get to big things we first need to know where we want to go, we must know where we are going and have a fixed course. If we want to be successful but we don't have a specific goal, we will walk all the time without getting anywhere. In short, we will lose everything we have done because we will not succeed "in something" without having that "something" as a clear objective.

Ask yourself, what do you want to succeed in? What is it that you are passionate about? Where do you want to go? Be very punctual and set that goal, work based on achieving that goal, invest your time, work every second of your life to make your vision become a reality, only then you will succeed in what you yearn for.

Also, avoid the distractions that ruin your work, you are the one who decides how far you want to go. Reaching that goal depends strictly on your actions, therefore, think if your goal really has value.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells in his speech about a study that was done in the United States on happiness at work and do you know the answer? More than half of the people in the United States are not happy with their work, they even hate it ... The question there is, do you also want to be on that list? If the answer is "of course not," then begin to view and act.


Do not listen to those who say "No"

Schwarzenegger mentions a phrase by Nelson Mandela that is quite real "Everything seems impossible until it is done" ... If we imagine things a few decades or centuries ago, who would believe that the internet was going to be the best tool for the human being? Or who would think to communicate in a matter of seconds and in real-time with people who are on the other side of the planet? ... Just like those, there are many more projects and advances that seemed impossible, but now they are a reality for us.


Learn to invest your time

If a year ago you had dedicated just one hour a day to the life you want to build, how much progress do you think you would have? What if it wasn't an hour but two or three? We cannot expect everything to come immediately, but if we want to achieve something, we have to have a date and time of departure.

If you started today to invest a fraction of time for your project and your triumphs daily, in a year where would you be? How much valuable information and learning would you have? We have to act! We cannot remain imagining the perfect life if we do not begin to build it ... Let us turn that life of dreams into reality.

My advice is not to waste the free time you have every day, allow yourself to do what creates value for your triumphs, if you want to succeed in a project or in life but you say “I don't have time” then you should be aware that if you don't start managing your schedules, you are not going to change your reality. Yes! It all depends on what we currently want for our life, remember that the important thing is to do what gives us tranquility and happiness.


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