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Bella Throne John Paul Ataker Design

I am sure you can relate with me sometimes feeling like I want to look incredibly good and sexy but at the same time I don’t want to overdo it!
If you know what I am talking about, you get why Bella Throne chose the extraordinary two-piece suit from John Paul Ataker's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection.
She attended the grand opening of the Moxy Chelsea Hotel in New York City.
We all know Bella as a strong, energetic, pretty, and lively young woman with many talents.
She is an American actress, model, singer, and director.
Special about her is that she is always joyful and a committed young woman who lives her life to the fullest with no exceptions.
Let’s come back to Bella’s two-piece suit.
The suit jacket has a very tearing V-neckline and is sewn on with a lapel collar, that brings out Bella's femininity.
Interesting is that the front of the waist is draped on both sides and thus has an extraordinary cross effect.
The left side of the suit jacket is decorated with buttons, it has a silky finish, the back part should not be forgotten since it is incredibly sexy and draws eyes to it for sure.
It was sewn with a special organza/viscose which works great with it. 
She is combining the jacket with straight cut pants which are everything but ordinary.
The two elongated strips on both sides are made of organza/viscose, it adds a lot of 
sexiness to the style.
The silky look creates a nice flow and adds some softness to it, it also feels super cosy on the skin.
Overall, it is very lightweight and you may combine it with other accessories to make the look complete or experiment with it. 
The fabrics were carefully selected by designer Numan Ataker.
It is ideal for the summer time since it is light and airy, perfect for the next cocktail or garden party.
The viscose fabric is 100% natural wood pulp and therefore has a very flowing, soft drape.
It is not produced from any trees but it is specially cultivated such as spruce, beech, eucalyptus and bamboo. Keep in mind that the fabric is very delicate and it tends to absorb water and sweat.
So instead of the usual dress, try a super comfortable sexy two-piece suit by John Paul Ataker!
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