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Vanessa Hudgens John Paul Ataker Design

Look around you or simply into your own closet - we fill the world with clothing that is oftentimes only worn once or sometimes not at all.
Sustainability in fashion has been a big topic in recent years that we, at John Paul Ataker are very aware of. We are actively part of this movement to help our environment and therefore all of us, and our health.
Numan Ataker’s goal is to create a word of "Slow Fashion", where there are unique styles that you want to wear again and again.

John Paul Ataker Spring/ Summer Collection 2018 represents not only a Trent but also a piece of life that we carry with us every day.

Vanessa Hudgens agrees with Numan Ataker's vision and chose a John Paul Ataker ball gown to set a sign for "Slow Fashion" and to get many other women to participate and be a part of the movement.

Vanessa Hudgens - So many great things to say about her, whether it is about her amazing career as an actress or her as a person, she is passionate and supports things she believes in and she shows it as well - that's why we are very proud to see her wearing one of our stunning dresses!

Numan Ataker was grateful for the loving support that Vanessa has given him.
Him and everybody else thought she looked absolutely breathtaking in this pleated and layered Haute Couture.

A fairytale haute couture ball gown that is enchanting to many women and sort of brings them back to their childhood for a moment.

The pleated folds are covering the front part of the dress in a “ yelpaze” shape, they continue down in rows to the tip of the foot, it creates a perfect silhouette and a slimming look that is further enhanced by the use of a waistband.
A metallic-gold, weaved belt rounds up the look and is, of course, designed by Numan Ataker.

The gown is made of fourty individual pieces which were first pleated and then sewn together one by one, so there is quite a lot of work behind this stunning piece.
For an additional wow-effect it incorporates two different types of fabrics to create an even more vibrant look.
Fifteen meter taffeta (viscose) as well as fifteen meter organza (polyester) were needed to make this dress, two thin straps were placed support the weight, they are hardly noticeable but do look beautiful.

Weeks of work go into designing this look, it is customized and tweaked to perfection until it becomes this magical, fairytale John Paul gown.

For those that want that little extra drama effect a Petticoat can be placed underneath,
but even without - Breathtaking!

You are magical so live accordingly...


Vanessa Hudgens looked glamorous in the black John Paul Ataker dress designed by Numan Ataker. She made everyone smile with her cute dance moves. We are happy to know that she was feeling confident in a John Paul Ataker dress.

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