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Victoria Justice John Paul Ataker Design

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Victoria Justice who posed for Modeliste Magazine wearing an enchanting pleated evening gown designed by John Paul Ataker Fall/Winter Collection 2019.

Who is Victoria Justice?
Victoria is an American actress, singer, and songwriter, she started her career when she was just 10 years old.
She is uplifting, inspiring, charming and a fun person to be around.
Victoria's wit and bubbly personality makes her the life of any party.
She's a positive thinker and an optimistic person, who appreciates fine clothing and enjoys dressing up very much.
Victoria is a natural when it comes to posing right at any time - so elegant and effortless.
One of the reasons Victoria opted for this metallic satin gown is that it combines sexy and comfortable, and the unique fabric makes her sparkle we think.


It's a dress for that “wow” effect!
Simple, strapless round neckline that fits tight around the waist and flows down softly.
The folds are made using a special pleading machine.
There is a slit on the back which makes it a little provocative and sexy but at the same time offers freedom of movement.
Like most of John Paul Ataker's evening gowns, this is lined on the inside and has an invisible zipper.

The composition of the fabric is quite simply 76% acetate and 24% lurex.
It is a lurex that covers the metallic dress with a magical glitter effect and acetate which makes the dress soft and silky.

Acetate fibers consist of natural raw material cellulose, just like viscose.
In contrast to fully synthetic polyester, acetate can absorb moisture and release it.
Therefore it's very breathable, as well as easy to take care of since it is wrinkle-resistant.

So don’t think twice whether you should choose one of John Paul Ataker pieces.
Be it a mini party dress, a lightweight dress for the prom or a sexy cocktail dress for the evening and if that is not enough we are flattered to make you the perfect gown of your choice.


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