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Chrissy Teigen John Paul Ataker Design

The red carpet is a great opportunity for style and opulence

Being classy is not just an expression of an appearance that is visible, but rather the reflection of the personality that gives it a meaning !

The talented Chrissy Teigen was back on the red carpet for the Premiere of, WGN American‘s ’Underground’ Season 2 in Los Angeles to support her husband John Legend.

Chrissy Teigen is an American Model, television personality, and entrepreneur.
A complete all-rounder and over-achiever.
She is a born leader, with ordinary drive and determination.
Chrissy is a loving person, a wonderful wife and caring mother.

She wore an elegant two-piece set by John Paul Ataker - Fall/Winter Collection 2016.
Chrissy represents the two-piece set in such a sophisticated and classy way.

The double-breasted top has not only a beautiful look at the front but also has a practical function of wearing.
It is sewn with eight buttons that are from the same fabric as the double-breasted top.
The collar has a very special beautiful heart-shaped neckline that underlines the feminine décolleté.
And the spaghetti straps that is on both sides are hardly to imagine without it.
Now comes the ultimate back piece that draws all the attention to itself- a long train with a generous slit that just can’t be overlooked.
It wraps the hip to the back.
All in all, the fit has been cut very accurately and sit perfectly on the body.
The matching, made-to measure mid-waist skinny pants should not be missing.
Due to this elastic and comfortable design, it is very easy and enjoyable to wear.
The invisible zipper which has been sewn on the side is bareilly to see and it look super chic.
Since the hem width on the skinny pants is very tight on the bottom, an invisible zipper was sewn in the back center, so that is practical and easy when getting dressed.
Also the inside of the mid-waist pants were sewn discreetly and neatly with a thin fabric so the seams have a clean finish.
The choice of the fabric is a big part and had been carefully selected by Numan Ataker.
It is a double-face viscose with lycra so the combination of viscose and lycra results in a fantastic wearing comfort.

If you are looking for a simple yet eye catching two-piece set this summer, look no further!
John Paul Ataker Team will custom make your unique piece so you can shine inside out.
Depending on your occasion, we have a very large selection when it comes to finding the right color.

Our most important priority is to dress you as a person individually so that your inner beauty also comes out!

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