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Hannah Stocking John Paul Ataker Design

Even with a plan most of the time life leads us to places we least expect!

Many of us have a very thought through plan in life, first finish school and get a good degree, and get well rewarded with a good job, most times, though, life does not go exactly that route and you take an unplanned path instead - often times you end up doing something you never thought you would and you love it, that's when growth begins...

One of these people is no other than Hannah Stocking.
She took an unexpected path in life which led her to her Internet and model career, she became this Greek-American Internet personality and model that we know and love today.
Hannah is one of YouTube’s most successful personalities, producing Videos that blend her science background with her sense for comedy, and love for fashion.
She is one of those people we just have to be impressed by and look up to, so talented, hilarious, smart, and an overall gorgeous human being.

Hannah Stocking looked stunning in a royal blue dress from John Paul Ataker's Fall-Winter Collection 2019, at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Take a look and see how sexy and confident she looks in it.
We are not surprised by Hannah's choice either, this metallic dress just reflects Hannah as we know her and her style.

A magical royal blue shimmer that makes Hannah’s appear in such a glow, full of life.
A few details I like to point out are the deep V-neckline, which reflects her sexy boldness and strong personality.
The ruffles on both sides are the detail that makes the dress what it is, it's a very unique look and in combination with the metallic fabric definitely a dress that turns heads.
In order to give this long ruffled dress a very beautiful & elegant look, it was very important to make it long sleeved which adds a level of sophistication to it.
Let’s continue with the waist and hip portion, it is completely sewn with drapery, which is only an advantage for us ladies and helps to shape our waists to perfection.
The high slit in the middle gives it a very sexy, yet elegantly feminine effect.
The edges on the slit are finely rounded and therefore easier to move and dance in it.
The back part is very classic and discreet, it is closed with an invisible zipper carrying the JPA initials.
In order to feel 100% comfortable in it, the dress is completely padded inside.

Numan Ataker has chosen a very special fabric to simplify the flexibility of movement, it consists of 50% lurex, 40% polyester and 10% lycra.
Lurex is a ribbon-shaped yarn made from polyester, vaporized with aluminum, this manufacturing process creates the metallic sheen.
It is super lightweight, the ideal cocktail dress that you wear, hardly noticing that you are wearing anything at all.

A made-to-measure design that draws out your fitted silhouette.

So if you want one as well, John Paul Ataker‘s Team is pleased to make it possible...

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