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Eva Longoria John Paul Ataker Design

Let’s come back to the Collection of John Paul Ataker - The one that brought history back to life.

Many of you are already very familiar with the Fall/Winter Collection of 2017 and appreciate every single detail that Numan Ataker has designed and created.

A small overview for the people who have not yet had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the story.
It is about the rich cultural heritage and folklore of Turkey’s Black Sea region, they glorified the Beauty & Strength of Yezidi women, which was very inspiring to Numan.

Fabulous Eva Longoria wore a dress out of this collection.
She is an American actress, producer, director, and a businesswoman who began her career at a very young age, with her ambitious, systematic and controlled personality.
A strong and powerful woman who is willing to work for a better world.
Eva is very down to earth, and has strong views about what is right or wrong.

A beautiful personality, loving wife, committed to her work and a proud mother, she
dedicates a lot to things she believes in and she is standing up for them, that's why she is such an amazing role model for the young generation.

I think we can agree to say that Eva Longoria's look in the picture she posted left us all speechless.
Could another waist-short jacket pull out those incredibly hot curves?
She knew exactly that this one was for her, she knows her body and therefore what styles work to bring her curves out in the best way.

Looking at the waist- jacquard jacket from the front, you will first think it is very plain and simple, but take a second look and you will notice there is much more to it, looks as if the waist- jacquard jacket was reinvented.
Let’s start with the collar, yes, exactly a shawl collar that has a slight curve at the bottom to emphasize the chest.
Beautiful piping made with metallic jacquard in gold, sewn between every two layers of fabric.
It continues in the back with a breathtaking metallic looking train that has been petted so special.
The five very long thin stripes decorate the back, the gold makes it a real eye-catcher.
In order to create this stripped look a laser machine is used for the cutting,
The characters lasered onto the stripes are the spiritual symbols of Yezidi women, who have these symbols tattooed to their faces and hands.
The middle stripe goes from the very top to the bottom and creates an ingenious look.
The two thick jacquard stripes that close up the hip area give it a fabulous overall look.
The main fabric used is a very fine herringbone jacquard, it's very stable and tear-resistant, and non stretch, It is ideal for this kind of jacket.

It is the perfect jacket for emphasizing your waistline and curves, it is short but also long at the same time and sparkles just like little stars at night.
There's not much more you could ask for, and Eva just confirms that all we needs is this metallic waist-long jacket!

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