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Eva Longoria John Paul Ataker

To See and to Be Seen

What an amazing event a film premiere is, a place where people come together to watch and celebrate the successful work of each other.

Of course you will see the fantastic actress Eva Longoria attending, we saw her for the premiere
of Columbia Picture's "Miss Bala" at the Regal, Los Angeles.
Eva confirms she is enjoying herself and loving the event by showing us her magical smile.

Eva is a natural talent when it comes to choosing the right outfit at the right time.
She chose an ivory two-piece suit that was designed by John Paul Ataker, from the Spring-Summer Collection 2019.

The ivory two-piece wrap jacket, which can also be worn as a blouse, has unbelievably beautiful little details that make it very attractive.
The neckline is decorated with a thin neck-belt, and it has two adjustable buttons.
The deep V-neckline underlines the décolleté very nicely and adds some sexappeal.
The hem at the waistband has two unusual pointed shapes that bring out Eva’s figure, the front is cleverly overlapped and closed with a button on each side.
The sleeves are a big part of the jacket so the cut here is very important.
The shoulders have been ruffled and run downwards all the way to the hem, and it is also very lightly ruffled down to the cuff.
The cuffs are rather simple but very elegant, they come with a few buttons to put them on and off easily, and it almost looks like a bracelet that has been sewn on, very gorgeous detail.
The buttons are covered in the same fabric as the jacket which is a subtle shining satin.
To make the jacket the main point of attention, the pants for this set are very simple yet of course elegant & classic.
They have a loose fit since it looks amazing combined with the jacket, and on top of that they are super comfortable and have a lot of room to move. The invisible zipper is sewn very neatly on the left side.

The viscose fabric is 100% natural wood pulp, therefore has a very flowing, soft drape.
Numan Ataker selected the fabric/viscose very carefully so it is ideal for the summer time.

It makes a great outfit for work, dinner of two, and/or an incredible event like the premiere of "Miss Bala".

To all the women who feel addressed...
You are fearless and wonderful!

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