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Olivia Culpo John Paul Ataker Design

Miss Universe - The dream of all young women?

Olivia Culpo is an American musician, a woman with a big dream, that she achieved with success!

She was crowned to Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2012 which gave her a great career boost.
Olivia became one of the most respected fashion influencers & social media personalities globally.
Olivia loves what she is doing, modeling and acting come so natural to her, she is also a passionate cook and traveler, and she loves to share that through social media with all her beloved fans and followers.

Olivia has a good eye for fashion and unique designer pieces, which made her chose one of Numan Ataker’s two-pieces, which she wore at the Forevermark Black Label Collection Launch in Cedar Lake, New York.

She rocked the black carpet shining in her incredible two-piece, out of John Paul Ataker’s Spring/Summer Collection 2017.

This asymmetrical twill top has lots of beautiful details, they are real eye catchers which makes it difficult to look away.
The button placket and the standing collar gives a sporty yet elegant look to it.
These buttons are covered with the same fabric the top is made off, which is one of John Paul Ataker's signatures and seen in most styles. That way, the buttons add some detail but don't distract too much from the overall piece.

The shoulder flaps are closed with buttons on both sides and the waistband is sewn on to the front to underline the figure and contour her body's curves.
At John Paul Ataker we believe in little details, they are crucial and give each piece the right finishing touch.
The top is cut very short and the fabric is pleated on one side, which gives a great contrast to the other side which almost touches the floor in a long elegant side drape.
Just like the saying "opposites attract", we think those two sides balance each other out perfectly.
It is truly a work of art that you want to look at all the time!
Numan Ataker designed and developed a unique “bamboo” fabric that is made using a dobby weaving machine.
The specialty of the fabric is that it has been woven with the functional type of the twill weave.
It’s very delicate and will fray if it is not sewn correctly.
Every edge of this twill top is cleaned with an overlock machine and sewn over with a fine fabric to give a clean finish to the seams.
It is made of 100% cotton, therefore it tends to wrinkle easily and has to be treated with care.
As it is a very light and thin summer fabric, it doesn’t need lining and it is recommended to wear it in the summertime.
It is super comfortable and feels light on the skin, practically the perfect summer look.

The pants are made of a double viscose fabric, it has a nice stretch and is super comfortable as well.
It has a lot of movement, due to it’s mixed fiber viscose and lycra.
The ankle-length pants are closed with an invisible zipper on the side of the hip, its very hard to notice so you can combine these with any crop top or tuck in style you like without worrying about having to hide the zipper.

There is not much more you could ask for...

The question now is, when is your next occasion for it?
It could be a wedding reception or your sister’s rehearsal dinner, make the right choice by wearing this unique asymmetrical twill top from John Paul Ataker - and if you are like Olivia, you will find a way to take out your new outfit even if there is no real occasion for it!

It is about making every day a special occasion just for you!

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