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Olivia Culpo on John Paul Ataker Runway Show

Olivia Culpo on John Paul Ataker Runway Show

New York High Fashion Show is known as Haute Couture - Coming together and appreciating the beauty of new creations and exclusive pieces made by talented designers.
Designers that are well known as well as upcoming artists that open the door into their creativity, for us, who have a love for fashion.
They bring us into their word and introduce us to their fashion and their way to represent history and to tell a story.
We can watch and appreciate all the different artistic pieces that have been made with high quality fabrics and been sewn with expert finesse.

Numan Ataker is one of them, an international designer from Istanbul, who showed us his John Paul Ataker Fall-Winter Collection 2017/2018, at the NYFW, Pier 59 Studios.

Numan Ataker is way more than only the designer of his collections.
He designs and creates the fabrics used for all his pieces himself.
His prime focus is textile creation, and all his fabrics are exclusively used in his line.

The designer is known well for his tailored silhouettes that are constructed to enhance the female form.
It is One of the things that made women of all sizes fall in love with Numan Ataker's line.
He has a great talent to see what silhouette will work magic on different body types and be the most flattering.

The Fall-Winter Collection presented substantial materials including leather, velvet and faux fur complimented by rich layers of organza, jacquards, and viscose woven fabrics.

Olivia Culpo supported designer Numan Ataker on his amazing Runway Show and was very enthusiastic about it.
She decided to go in all white choosing an elegant two-piece suit from John Paul Ataker’s Spring-Summer Collection 2017.
Her satin jabot blouse discreet but eye-catching at the same time.
The jabot collar valance has a vertical seam and falls smoothly, with buttons running from top to bottom.
The long sleeves end with elongated cuffs.
Overall, this blouse is accentuated and feels very smooth on the body, it is made of 100% natural viscose which has a satin finish and is therefore very flowing and drapes softly.
The highlight of the two-piece suit are the sheer-mesh paneled pants.
The mesh fabric has a unique pattern and is the detail on the side of the pants.
The two different fabrics create a great contrast and work well together with the pattern.
The pants have a waistband sewn in to give great support, together with the chosen fabric that is made from double-faced viscose and lycra, the pants is very comfortable to wear.

We think this two-piece is a great look.
Whoever opted for this outfit has already won, to change it up a little it can also be combined with different kinds of jackets that we have a great selection of.

So if you are looking to add one to your outfit you should absolutely check out the website and order right away!

John Paul Ataker and his great Team are happy to assist you and help you find the perfect suit.

We are only one button away from each other...


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